C hiedza Kambasha is a 35-year-old philanthropist, multi-award winning social entreprenuer, strategist and G20 Young Global Changer mandated by the G20 Germany Presidency, as well as an accomplished policy specialist on development and youths’ mainstreaming with over 8 years of experience in counter-violent extremism (CVE), conflict analysis and management (Civil and Transnational), monitoring and evaluation, public sector reform, and research.


With a cosmopolitan upbringing Chiedza was primarily educated in her birth country of Zimbabwe before moving to Stockholm, Sweden with her parents where she was subsequently enrolled into the British boarding system completing her GCSE’s and GNVQ. She went on to further study in Buckinghamshire, London and Cambridge however after completing her vocational alignment business intelligence training between St Petersburg and London she continues to develop her education through professional development courses in her quest to remain industry and globally competitive.


Based in Harare – Zimbabwe, Chiedza is a senior consultant heading an intercontinental portfolio on african affairs and also serving on multiple regional and international boards including The Queens Young Leaders Program where she is a advisory mentor as well as a innovation expert for the Euro-Afri Affairs Commission on youth-related developmental programs along with her role at the African Union on the IDOVE program where she is an IDOVER with specializing in PVE and CVE.


Chiedza has assisted inspiring individuals and groups develop new and existing initiatives, often becoming deeply enmeshed in the projects. Recent examples include:

In 2011 co-founding Socialites a new organisation championing social enterprise delivery of urban and rural regeneration through the production, designing and management of ready to wear assets.

My Practice

Chiedza works internationally with innovative leaders of world-class organisations to realise and scale their visions for change, examples of which include but are not limited to: recently completing a bottom up strategy for CVE, PVE and DDR consultancy contracts for a global security firms; various non-governmental organisations and governments; while also working with international bodies on combatting transactional homelessness linked to human-trafficking.


Environments and Events:

Chiedza works with organisations to design and facilitate a broad range of events as well as create environments and processes to help people collaborate to solve complex problems. This strand of her work is undertaken through:

Applied Research:

Chiedza and her team support individuals and organisations to develop multi-faceted solutions to big, intractable problems. This work always commences with a in-depth research into a specific problem to identify highly promising opportunities for impact. They then use design processes to identify and plan a set of ambitious, achievable initiatives that both stand on their own and work in concert to address the problem.